Top 10 Kdramas To Watch For Having a Great Time!!

Korean culture is anyway fascinating and getting popular globally. If you are a K-drama viewer, you would already know how great they are and binge worth surely. You can see a lot than a simple story in K-dramas such as cultural impact, great acting and incredible fashion sense.

If you are bored in the pandemic as well, it is better to binge watch some of these worthy K-dramas that can make leisure time better. Let us look at the listing of top 10 K-dramas that are must watch for every binge-watcher.

Top 10 must-watch Kdrams!

  1. It’s okay to not be okay: this amazing K-drama is must watch for every person who is suppressing himself. The story revolves around caretaker at a psychiatric ward, Moon Gang Tae that accidentally meets with children’s book writer Ko Moon Young. Gang Tae world revolves around his older brother, Sang Tae, who is suffering from reoccurring nightmares and also autistic. Three different characters perfectly become a family, and the story is dynamic.
  2. The Heirs: the heir is a great story of the group of rich, privileged high school students. The drama includes identity, relationships and wealth. Kim tan one of the centre lead who is not at good space with his older brother Kim won makes the life difficult but falls for housekeeper’s daughter Cha Eun Sang even after disapproval from his family.
  3. Boys over flowers: this story about bright girl Jan Di transfers to exclusive high school meant for elites. She crosses path with rich boys and fall in love with one of them.
  4. The fiery priest: this is the story of the unconventional priest, a rookie detective and ambitious prosecutor who work together to solve a murder mystery. The story involves around a lot of twists which makes it even more interesting to watch.
  5. What’s wrong with secretary Kim?: the story of a narcissistic executive and his secretary is filled with a romantic plot along with comedy that is fun to watch. The twists and plot of the story is a great thing to watch, especially if you are an old school lover.
  6. Crash landing on you: a mishap of paragliding drops south Korean heiress in North Korea and where she meets army officer who helps her to get back to South Korea. It is a perfect love story of two different personalities.
  7. Stranger: this a crime thriller show where the prosecutor lost his ability to feel empathy and uncover the true identity of the serial killer. The show gives you chill and goes beyond your imagination.
  8. Record of youth: a perfect youth web show that perfectly shows the emotions. A story of young fashionistas trying to make their names in the fashion world.
  9. Itaewon class: a story of an ex-con and his group who fight to make their ambitious dreams turn into reality.
  10. Romance is a bonus book: a creative writer who is the youngest editor in chief ever in a publishing company who falls in love with former copywriter desperate for a job.

These are must watch K-dramas that can allow you to have an amazing time while binge-watching. Great storyline, plot, twists and excitement would keep you hooked with them.


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