Some Popular Indian Restaurants That Went Overseas

Most of you are not aware of the Indian famous restaurant that went overseas and made people of abroad have Indian tastes. You must know about the restaurants so that if you plan to go abroad, then you can visit that Indian restaurant to have the taste of another country in a different state. The people who love to travel for them getting info about popular restaurants will be very beneficial. It will help them to have knowledge about the most famous restaurants in different countries and also allow them to add-on these restaurants in their experiences with the new country. To enjoy excursions more while feeling at ease that your expenses and personal finances are properly managed, would be of great help.

The restaurants that visited aboard must have their past experiences in India that helps them to have the safest future with a new country. Most of the people need to grab information about the various restaurants so that they can have a better livelihood with some new flavours. If you are curious about the Indian restaurants that went abroad and set up their restaurant there, then you can consider the below details as it will help you to know about some of those restaurants. Try to be attentive while considering the points so that you can have a better understanding of the Indian restaurants abroad.

Punjab Grill

  • It is an Indian restaurant that settled up abroad and helped people to spend some time together and also allows them to have great experiences.
  • Most of the people over there love the food of this restaurant as it allows them to have those flavours which they have never had before.
  • Punjab Grill allows you to sit for a much longer time and won’t ask you to order until you are sitting.

Farzi Café, London

  • Another Indian restaurant that shifted abroad in London and allowed people to have wonderful snacks and coffees as it is a café.
  • Farzi Café allows people and tourists to get the best coffee and other items with some unique and wonderful flavours.
  • London is a cultural-based place where you can experience different cultured people with multiple habits, tastes and preferences.

Kailash Parbat

  • The name of this restaurant shows how popular and famous it would be as it allows people to have wonderful experiences with its food and also allows them to have unique tastes and flavours.
  • Kailash Parbat highlights the reputation and image of high things and which helps to increase the popularity of the restaurant more and makes people get attracted to it.
  • It provides various food items with some themes and unique names that attract the people and makes them curious to know what does the name mean.


Once you go through the above info, then it will help you to know how famous and reputed all these restaurants there in abroad. It allows the people over there to experience Indian food with unique flavours and tastes. You should visit these Indian restaurants that shifted abroad and set up their popularity and reputation there. Try to be active while considering the above info as it will help you a lot in knowing the best Indian restaurants that took place abroad.

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