Food Myths; What to eat and what not to? A Health Guide

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Everyone has started to look into the healthy side of life, wanting a healthy lifestyle and leave behind the sedentary lifestyle. Some do it just for becoming more healthy while some do it to lose and gain weight.

And it’s important to understand that most of this directly correlates to the most important component for a human’s survival: food. So though weight loss and weight gain or even a healthy lifestyle related to exercise, the factor that determines almost 90% or a game-changer is food.

And the pure concept of food and its nutritional needs for survival has been completely ruined by the diet culture. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. With a healthy body and active lifestyle, you would get to enjoy your hobby like playing golf using clubs from

Let’s burst the bubbles of myth relating to diet culture and food

Before we start, it’s important to know that there’s nothing to healthy and unhealthy food. Though these terms are used frequently, one needs to know that burger or pizza doesn’t become unhealthy if not eaten regularly, and the same goes for fruits and salad. They are healthy, but you can’t say “oh, I eat healthy food” when you eat them like twice a week.

It’s important to feed your body by its demands and needs and know that, and it’s important to listen to what it demands. So if it’s asking for a pizza, have it. If it’s asking for a nice bowl of salad, go for it. When you start listening to your body’s needs, somewhere things become less burdening. And when you are in a healthy body and mind, you’d do really well playing 카지노 online.

That being said, let’s finally encounter common food myths

Don’t eat after 8, it’ll lead to weight; This thing has been going around a lot. A myth that eating after eight at night will lead to weight gain, and to bust this myth, it’s important to understand how weight gain usually works for many. If the number of calories going inside the body is more than that being burned, it will lead to storage of fat and hence weight gain. Food remains the same and has the same number of calories after 8 pm. One shouldn’t eat after eight because it’s good to keep a gap of 2-3 hours from last meal and bedtime, so if one sleeps at 12, eating after 8 isn’t an issue.

Canned food is less nutritious; Well depends on what are we talking about. Are we talking about canned strawberries? They’re just as nutritious as the fresh ones, with just the difference in taste. A fresh one would have a better taste.

Egg yolk is bad; Well, it is if you’re planning to eat 20 in a day. Okay, on a serious note, egg yolks aren’t as bad as they’re considered to be. They’re densely packed with nutrients. If you remove the yolk from the egg, you get is lean protein. It’s always advisable to eat at least one full egg per day to take away all the required nutrients offered by the little white ball.

It’s all about intuitive eating, eating while being mindful, listening to your body, and eating to live and not live to eat. Food shouldn’t become something you’re scared of or overly obsessive, something you have to fight with or fight for, and it should be something that makes you happy and helps you live a better life healthily. Listen to your body, and it strives towards the best.

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